What does the biological approach reveal about the issue?

For this discussion, identify a real-world social issue and discuss how biological or genetic factors may influence the issue. Examples of social problems include bullying, criminology, obesity, and alcoholism. Select a social issue for this post and discuss some of the biological or genetic factors that can negatively influence this issue.

Consider the following in your initial post:

  • What does the biological approach reveal about the issue?
  • Is there one biological or genetic factor that appears to have more influence than other factors that negatively impact the social issue?
  • Could there be several biological or genetic factors that negatively impact the issue?

Be sure to find and cite supporting evidence for your viewpoint.

opic Choice and Research Education Modules.

Objective: To pick a research topic, formulate a working hypothesis and complete several of your PHRP Educational Modules, which will serve as the basis for your term project.

Describe the topic choice and working hypothesis for your research project by answering the questions below in a two to three-page paper.

• Describe the area of research that interests you and list your reasons for choosing this area.

• List your proposed research hypothesis. This should be stated as an “if…then…” statement.

• Describe why your research hypothesis is important to you. Also, describe why you think it is important to the rest of the world.

Your resulting paper should be typed (double-spaced) and be two (2) to three (3) pages in length (approximately 300 words per page); papers should not exceed five (5) pages.

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