Why Do We Need Victim Advocates?

My first potential site for Field Work would be at Kristi House, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization in Miami, Florida, dedicated to healing and eradicating child sexual abuse. Kristi House operates the Orlowitz-Lee Children’s Advocacy Center responsible for sexual abuse cases in all of Miami-Dade County, population 2.6 million

· Address: 1265 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33136

· Phone: (305) 547-6800

My second potential site would be Field Work at The Glory House of Miami is a Christ-centered non-profit organization devoted to healing and restoring the lives of those who have suffered the abuse and exploitation of human trafficking. We are dedicated to serving the rescued survivors. Glory House of Miami (786)505-4681

My third potential site would be Field Work at  Anti-Predator Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and sexual predators in the United States through the use of specially trained private investigators. Along with providing investigative and protective services for those victims of these horrific crimes, Anti-Predator Project is also highly dedicated to educating the community about the reality of human trafficking in the United States.   Phone Number 305-796-4859

I have chosen these 3 places because of the kind of support and dedication given to the victims.

arly anyone who has been the victim of a crime has the right to receive the services of a victim advocate. Victims of violent crimes, however, are more likely to seek or need these services. A person might work with an advocate if she has been the victim of one of the following crimes:

· Child Abuse

· Spousal Abuse

· Sexual Assault

· Attempted Murder

· Hate Crimes

· Assault

· Battery

· Domestic Abuse

Dealing with crime victims can often be very stressful and heart wrenching. Therefore, certain characteristics are necessary when looking to start a victim advocate career. Victim advocates should be very understanding and non-judgmental, for instance, as well as excellent communicators. Professionals in this field must also be very trustworthy, as many victims will find it very hard to trust anyone after their ordeals.

Because they often face the details and see the aftermaths of crimes everyday, victim advocates should also be emotionally strong individuals themselves. Although victim advocates should usually work to keep the best interests of the victims in mind, they should also keep their own interests and health in mind as well. They should, for example, know when to stop and recuperate emotionally, in order to keep doing their jobs.

Why Do We Need Victim Advocates?

How would you feel if you were a victim of a crime? Or your parents? Or your children?

As mentioned above, being a victim of a crime is very frightening and confusing. These individuals will often not know which way to turn and may be overwhelmed with all of the “red tape” and procedures needed in order to seek justice.

Victim advocates, however, provide a shoulder to lean on during this time, as well as a map that can be used to navigate the justice system. They can help victims take care of basic needs, as well as help them find justice.

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