Writing a Critical Book Review

book reviewA book review offers the summary of a book and serves as a critic of the same. Besides, it offers the opinions of the author. It also provides the reader with a judgment of the author’s work. A book review should analyze how the book tried to achieve its purpose and describe what is on the page. Writing book reviews aim to allow students to present their own opinion regarding the author’s concepts in the passage. Furthermore, being able to write a book review as a student is an important skill.

Steps in writing a Critical Book Review

  1. Brief Summary of the Book

To introduce any review, this is the best approach. Additionally, it should be short and precise. As you read the book, identify the following:

Purpose/ thesis

It is essential to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the author in writing the book?
  • Does the book have a central thesis?
  • How effectively is the thesis developed?
  • Is the thesis convincing to you as a reader?
  • In presenting the thesis, what sources does the author use?
  • Are the sources published works or from archive records?
  • Does the author draw from other materials?
  • Are all the primary sources included in the book?
  • How well does the writer discuss the events as they unfold?
  • Is the text barely studious, or is the writer connecting with the developments of the book?
Style of writing
  • How well is the book written?
  • Is the text straightforward?
  • Is the transition good?
  • Does the writer show his effective writing skills?
Background of the author
  • The author’s accomplishments and profession?
  1. Select the most useful features of the text.

This includes personality, imaginary setting, concepts and storyline. Start with come up with the major aspects of your analysis before you embark on writing. Furthermore, layout the major items in the introductory part, framework, and ending of your thesis. Some of the things to include:

  • Outline

Discuss the writer’s idea concisely and transparently. Should be at least one paragraph long. However, this should not be a synopsis of the distinct sections. It would help if you tried to concentrate on the author’s intention behind the book.book review

  • Major points

The most critical observations should form a basis for a central argument of your review. Furthermore, the points you come up with are related to the author’s evidence to make his point. Look for specific examples and useful short quotes that could illustrate your ideas.

  • Theme

Your analysis needs a primary reasoning. This is to assess in case the writer is successful in accomplishing the purpose in writing the book.

  • Include brief quotes as examples

Your review should be about 4-5 pages. Include the following in the paper?

  • Introduction

Briefly introduce the subject or matter of the work and the author’s aim and objective in writing the paper. Consequently, your review should be to which degree the writer accomplishes his goal.

  • Author’s qualifications

A brief background of the author is essential and the things qualifying him to write the work.

  • Write a conclusion that summarizes everything.

The conclusion should be precise, short, and straight to the point. Additionally, it should include your opinion on the book.

  • Find similar books

To write a+ book review, include kindred books to the one you are discussing. Try being more specific by trying to look at the definite thoughts that make the books kindred.

  • Could you give it a star rating?

In book reviews, it is essential to give a rating if necessary.



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